Tuesday, February 25, 2020

The 10 Most Popular Cannabis Products in 2019

Cannabis Training University     •     September 3, 2019, 7:12 pm
The 10 Most Popular Cannabis Products in 2019 are quite exciting this year. Marijuana legalization efforts have faced an uphill battle. Once legalized, however, the plant has begun to take on on many…
High & Marijuana Blog | Cannabis     •     February 23, 2020, 6:00 am
The authors of the study add that while states continue legalizing cannabis for both recreational and medical use, doctors must have adequate training to address questions from patients. “More…
Cannabis Culture     •     January 28, 2020, 2:51 am
CANNABIS CULTURE - The Sacred soma/haoma were plant based ritual drinks of the ancient Vedic and Avestan religions, thought to have originated from a common earlier past. Soma and haoma were said to…
Leafly     •     February 21, 2020, 5:46 pm
Spring is coming, so get those seeds in the soil now. The post The Roll-Up #129: When to plant your weed seeds appeared first on Leafly.
News – High Times     •     February 20, 2020, 10:12 pm
The bill still needs to clear the Senate. The post New Hampshire House Approves Bill Allowing Personal Possession of Pot appeared first on High Times.

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